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Cem Hurturk

Cem Hurturk
Co-Founder at Cleanify

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He is one of the founders at Cleanify. He has 21 years of email marketing experience. He’s founded 4 email marketing companies including Octeth, Sendloop, and PreviewMyEmail (acquired). Co-founder at 50saas, Inc. which is the owner company of ReferralMagic, Moodum, IPMonitor and many other SaaS/software companies.

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Cleanify is a quick email verification tool built for sales teams. Filter invalid, out-of-date, role-based and risky email addresses from your mail lists and reduce the risk of getting black listed.


An indispensable tool for companies sending mass emails – determines whether or not a list of email addresses is fully valid and deliverable. The process involves an address-by-address analysis of each email on an uploaded list and is offered as hosted software.

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